Of course I have nothing to say

10 Dec

Why is it that when I’m brimming with things to say, it seems that I have no forum?  Between this post and the last post, I’ve probably attempted to blog no fewer than a dozen times.  To no avail.  Buffering, buffering, buffering.  You’d swear I was on dial up.  Out of the force of habit, I attempted again today.  Lo and behold my mind is blank.

The depth of my current low is such that I’m not even willing to acknowledge it.  My “reasons” seem embarrassingly trivial.   And so, I have the lingering dull ache of unacknowledged pain.  It doesn’t command your attention, per se, it just drains your energy to the point where nothing can command your attention.

I’m listless.  And so goddamned inexplicably tired.

That, and I just found out that I receive wifi in my room.  As if the temptation to stay in bed all day, as it were, weren’t strong enough already.

In the spirit of NOT self-sabotaging, however, I’m going to finish this ginger-almond dark chocolate bar, finish watching the pilot of “GIRLS”, then get off my ass- go for a run, shower, and head back to school for a little forced studying (at home it’s too easier to get distracted by other things.)  Here’s to integrating a little R&R with, well, integrals.


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